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Mystery Shopper 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a mystery shopper do? 

A mystery shopper is a person who evaluates the operation or products in a retail outlet or other establishment.  In other words, a mystery shopper is an independent contractor, who provides an evaluation service for a fee.  The evaluation usually includes things like noting the organisation’s environment (cleanliness), customer service, prices, lighting, etc.  It varies depending on the needs of the company.

Where would they shop? 

Some common businesses a mystery shopper would “shop” would be department stores, chemists, restaurants, cinemas etc – this is not an all-inclusive list. 

What do they look for? 

A mystery shopper looks for high standards of customer care e.g. cleanliness, pricing, lighting, and quality of the products sold are reviewed and then reported.


The amount you get paid for the job after accepting it varies from company to company and also varies based on the scope of the evaluation.  The range of payment is from £5 - £20 per shop plus reimbursements for goods you may have to purchase as part of the evaluation. We aim to pay shoppers 30 days after completing the assignment by BACS transfer to your bank account.

How do I get assignments

Scheduled shops vary in frequency and number.  Clients typically have their establishments shopped monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or on an ad hoc basis.  Shoppers are rotated to avoid shoppers repetitively shopping the same organisations.

Does the shop have to be done at a specific time? 

Our clients require that a shop be completed within a specific timeframe.  When the assignment is booked, a deadline date will be given for the assignment.  Completing assignments on time is crucial.  We have made a commitment to our clients to complete all their shops on time – and we must keep our commitment.

What if I can’t complete an assignment?

You must contact us by preferably by email as soon as you are aware that you cannot complete the assignment giving a minimum of 48 hours notice so that we can schedule someone else.  If you accept an assignment, do not complete it, and do not inform our office, your name will be removed from our database. 

Can a friend do my scheduled shop? 

NO, shops cannot be transferred.  If you have a friend interested in shopping for Quality Eye, please ask him/her to apply online at www.qualityeye.com

Do shoppers need Internet access? 

Our forms are emailed to shoppers or downloaded from the Internet by the evaluator.  Completed reports must be sent to us within 24 hours by all shoppers, therefore Internet access is an essential requirement.  (Internet cafes may be used for this purpose). 

Will I get travel expenses?
Sorry, no. Because you will be able to go to a local store at a time convenient to you, the intention is that you include this visit in a typical trip to that area.

Focus Group Research

Occasionally, we may contact shoppers to participate in focus group research.  This form of research differs to mystery shopping and provides in depth information usually relating to consumer research.  Details of focus group research projects will be circulated to shoppers registered on our database.