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What is Mystery Shopping?
The Market Research Society describes mystery shopping as:

“The use of individuals trained to observe, experience and measure the customer service process by acting as a prospective customer and undertaking a series of pre-determined tasks”.

There are a number of techniques used as part of a mystery shopping research programme:

  • Customer service evaluations
  • Telephone mystery shop audits
  • Exit interviews
  • Incentive based shops
  • Integrity shops
  • Web site evaluations

Our shoppers are trained to observe areas of customer service which may sometimes be overlooked by business owners.  Our shoppers work to clearly defined briefs designed to “see what you don't”.

Our extensive database of expert shoppers come from all walks of life and can easily blend into any scenario suitable to your business needs.  The shoppers visit sites to measure service and sales standards and provide prompt and efficient feedback through our online reporting systems.